Take your friends into Google plus without invitation

June 30th, 2011 § 73 comments § permalink

Update : If you like to get into Google plus please follow this link

Have you created Google+ account. Now you need to take  your friends to Google+ right? but unfortunately Google is disabled sending invitation. 🙁

But don’t worry you can take your friends into Google+ without sending invitation.

Here is the tip.

  • Make sure your friend have Google profile
  • Make sure your friends are in google contacts
  • Try to share something to friends who want invitation. The share will be emailed to them.
  • There will be a link in the email “Learn more about Google+“.Tell your friends to click on the link.
  • If they click, they will be taken into Google+ join page.
  • Most of the time the form will be filled automatically with the details from their profile.
  • Ask them to add click on join.
  • Yes they are in.

I attempted this and taken my friends into Google+.
I can’t guarantee this will work 100%.
Try it and let me know the response.