Some useful screen commands

January 25th, 2013 § 0 comments

For multi-tasking on unix server either we need login into server from multiple terminals. But screen program make this easy and we can open multiple windows from the same login.
Main hi-light of this screen program is even though we lost the connection to server, the screen windows survive and we can resume after the nextlogin.  So screen will be useful to run some tedious tasks, so that it will execute in the separate screen and continue the execution even after the ssh connection is timeout.
We can name each screen that we create so that we can easily resume it on next login.
Here are the some useful command for the smooth usage of screen program on server.
screen -S <name> start new screen
 Ctrl + a + c  create new window
 Ctrl + d  close the current window
 Ctrl + a + d  Detach a window
 Ctrl + a + ”  list windows and select
 Ctrl + a + n  next window
 Ctrl + a + p /
Ctrl + a + backspace
 previous window
 Ctrl + a + S  split horizontally
 Ctrl + a  |  split vertically
 Ctrl + a TAB  switch the screen
 Ctrl + a Q  to full screen (remove split)
 screen -x   list all screens
 screen -r <pid.screenname>   resume screen
This is just a beginning. There are lot more to it.
Try man screen to learn more about it

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