Git : copy all changed files between two commits with directory structure

April 13th, 2012 § 4 comments

While working on a project, I was unable to configure git on the shared host. It was a nightmare to upload only the changed files after a bug fix. Keeping track manually on all the changed files got failed. So I started searching for a easy solution and I end up with a script which I can copy the changed files between two commits with directory structure.

In this I only need to keep track of the last uploaded commit, which seems to be easy for me. You just need to save the below script to file and keep in the root folder of the project. Don’t forget to give execute permission for the file.

How to Use

This script accepts three parameters.

  • The Hash of First commit
  • The Hash of second commit
  • The destination folder, where we need to copy the files.

Syntax to execute :

./ hash1 hash2 path/to/destination/folder

Example :

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  • Mario Vercellotti

    This will save me quite some time. Thank you so much for sharing!

  • Colin McEnearney

    Thanks for posting!

    I am trying to do the same thing and your example inspired me to dig some more. You can also use the -n and -skip options for `git log` to get the two commits programmatically:

    MOST_RECENT=$(git log -n 1 –pretty=format:’%h’)
    PREV=$(git log –skip=1 -n 1 –pretty=format:’%h’)

    and then get the file list with

    git diff –name-only $MOST_RECENT $PREV

    and then the script only needs to take the target dir as an arg! If it’s always the same dir for this project, wrap it in a rake task or alias or whatever 🙂

  • Hitesh Pachpor

    This is excellent! Thanks a lot!